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What if a participant has reported that they can't access my study?

Sometimes participants may find that when they try to reserve a study place on Prolific there are no places available. This often happens when a study has been re-opened due to one or more participants returning their study, or timing out of a study, so there are only a small number of places available.

Since places are made available to all those eligible for the study, a notification may be sent to a large number of participants and the places may be taken very quickly.

Please do not be tempted to send participants a direct link to your study (unless they already appear in your Prolific submissions list - please see here for more details), as they may not be eligible to take part. If a participant's Prolific ID does not appear in your Prolific submissions list you will have no means of accepting or rejecting their submission and paying any rewards, nor will you have access to their demographic information in Prolific.

If a participant on an allowlist has informed you that they are unable to see your study on their dashboard, please get in touch with our Support Team using the button below for further assistance.

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