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Argilla integration guide

 Introduction to integrations

If you haven't already checked out our basic study set-up guide, you should do so before exploring this advanced guide. 


Argilla is a standard “link integration” with Prolific. This means that as long as you have an Argilla instance running, you just need the public URL to put into Prolific. You will need to use a tool such as, Appsmith, to automatically grant participants login details for Argilla. Once they join it will work the same as any other Prolific study.


  1. Firstly please follow the steps in the setting up Appsmith document so that you can use the Appsmith URL to set up your study in Prolific.
  2. After following the Appsmith steps, go to Prolific, and in the 'Data collection’ section of the study creation form insert your study URL into the 'What is the URL of your study?' box, then select the 'I'll use URL parameters' option. This will add the parameters to your study URL. Add the Appsmith URL rather than your normal study link into the input with label “What is the URL of your study?”, making sure to select I’ll use URL parameters.
    Argilla 1.png
  3. Then go on to set up the study as you normally would within Prolific. You can use this guide: Setting up a study on Prolific (step-by-step guide)

After clicking on Start study it will then take the participant to the Appsmith URL so that they can be given the Argilla study link as well as login credentials.

Argilla 2.png

This will then direct them to your hosted Argilla instance where they can log in,

Redirecting participants back to Prolific upon completion

Once a participant has completed your study they should be redirected back to Prolific to register their completion of your survey. There are two main methods of redirecting participants back to Prolific on Argilla:

Giving participants a completion code to copy and paste

  1. On Prolific, select 'I'll give them the Completion Code to copy & paste' in the 'Study completion' section of your study setup. Prolific then gives you a code to provide to participants:

    Argilla 3.jpeg

Provide this completion code to your participants at the end of your Argilla tasks.

Multi Submission

At the moment our current implementation doesn’t support multi submission however if in future this option does become available we will update this document.

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