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Argilla integration guide

 Introduction to integrations

If you haven't already checked out our basic study set-up guide, you should do so before exploring this advanced guide. 


Argilla is a standard 'link integration' with Prolific. This means that as long as you have an Argilla instance running, you just need the public URL to put into Prolific. You will need to use Prolific’s credentials feature to automatically distribute login details for Argilla to participants when they select your study/task. You will need to create the credentials within Argilla separately to add into the distribution system. Once they join it will work the same as any other Prolific study.

Setting up Argilla Task

There are extensive docs on how to use and set up your task on Argilla.

Setting up Prolific study

In the Data Collection section of the study setup you can enter the URL of your Argilla task.

Below this you are asked 'Do participants require a login & password to access your survey tool?' and when you select yes the section will expand with a box in which you can input the usernames and passwords for your Argilla task. (Participant = Tasker)

Argilla - setting up Prolific study.png

We recommend adding more credentials than the amount of taskers you have in your study. For example, if you have 10 tasker places on your study then we recommend adding 12 credentials, As mentioned in the overview, you will need to create and provide these credentials within Argilla for this to work. This ensures there are credentials available even if a tasker is rejected or returns your study.

Tasker experience

When a tasker accepts your study they will be provided with the URL you input along with one of the unique set of usernames and passwords.

Argilla - tasker experience.png

Credentials status

During a study you can download the ‘Credentials data’ which will show you which credentials have already been used and how many you have available. This download will be a CSV file.

Argilla - credentials status.png

Adding credentials to a live study

If your study still has tasker places remaining but no credentials it will automatically pause and you will be notified. You can at any time add extra credentials by selecting ‘Increase credentials’ in the ‘Action’ dropdown.

Argilla - adding credentials to a live study.png

Redirecting participants back to Prolific upon completion

Once a participant has completed your study they should be redirected back to Prolific to register their completion of your survey. 

Giving participants a completion code to copy and paste

On Prolific, select 'I'll give them the Completion Code to copy & paste' in the 'Study completion' section of your study setup. Prolific then gives you a code to provide to participants:

Argilla 3.jpeg

Provide this completion code to your participants at the end of your Argilla tasks.

Example: Creating an RLHF dataset

Detailed RLHF methodology using Argilla <> Prolific

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