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Screener sets

What are screener sets?

Screener sets are a template of your commonly used prescreeners. If you have multiple prescreeners you combine regularly, screener sets can make the study set-up process easier for you.

Say you’re interested in right-handed, bilingual, 30-year-olds. So you don’t have to manually apply our ‘Handedness’, ‘Bilingual’ and ‘Age’ screeners for each study you create, you can now create a ‘Screener set’ with these criteria.

Clicking ‘Participants’ on the left-hand side of your researcher account will take you to where you can set up these screener sets.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 10.22.14.png

Creating a new screener set

Add a descriptive name for your screener set, then select all of your chosen prescreeners. We’ll also show you how many eligible participants we have that match your eligibility criteria. Once you’re ready, click ‘Save’ and this set will be ready to use!

Your screener sets will be available on any study across all projects in the workspace the screener set was created in. If you’d like to use a screener set in a new workspace, please create a new screener set in that workspace.

Screeners 2.png

Using screener sets on studies

When you go to create your next draft study, you will see the option for ‘Use a saved screener set’ under the ‘Audience’ section. Here, you can select the set you’d like to use in case you have multiple saved. You can then continue with the remaining set-up of your study and publish it when you’re ready!

Please note that you can’t add any other prescreeners to your study when using a screener set. This means if you want the prescreeners from your screener set and other prescreeners, you’ll either need to edit the screener set or add all relevant prescreeners individually.

Screener sets 3.png

Changing screener sets

You can make as many changes to your saved screener sets as you’d like. If you change a screener set after applying it to a draft study, you’ll see a warning on this study to remind you that the screener set has been changed. You can then decide whether you’d like to keep the old version of the set or update your study to the newer version.

Screener sets 4.png

You can delete screener sets by clicking 'Delete' in the bottom right hand corner of the box.

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