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Participant groups

What are participant groups?

Participant groups are groups of participant IDs made by you, which you can use in your future studies. They act as your own group of pre-screened or specialised participants.

You’ll be able to give the groups names and descriptions to easily distinguish them from each other, and allowing you to quickly apply one to your new study.

Participant groups will likely take the place of custom allowlists and blocklists, but these features are still available currently.

Creating a new participant group

You can find participant groups in the new ‘Participants’ section of your Workspace, previously named ‘Screeners’.

Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 10.22.14.png

This screen will display Screener sets and Groups. Click Groups, and +New group to start a new group.

Participant groups 2.png

You’ll need to enter a name, a description and paste in the participant IDs you’d like in this group. Make sure your name is detailed, this will make it easier when you have a list to choose from later! As this feature is new, you won’t be able to change the group name, but this functionality will be added later.

You can leave the participant IDs blank if you prefer to feed IDs in to the group via the API or add to them later on. Once you’re done, click Save. Your group is now ready to be applied to a study.

Using participant groups on studies

When setting up your new study, you’ll reach a section called Recruit Participants. Under the Source heading, choose ‘Use a saved group of participants’ and select the participant group you’d like to use. This is where your expertly crafted titles will come in handy!

If you use a participant group, you will not be able to apply screener sets. This section will be greyed out.

However, you can add screening manually. Please be aware that this could impact the number of participants available, and you may not be able to achieve your required sample size.

You’ll be informed of the available sample size before publishing:

Participant groups 3.png

Updating participant groups

You can add and remove participants from your participant groups whenever you like. To do so, open an existing group and you’ll see two options: Add participants or Remove participants.

Click the button of the action you’d like to complete, paste the IDs into the box and press the button to complete.

Groups will be updated in real time. So if you have a study running using a participant group, and you add a new participant to the group, the study will become available to them. If you remove someone from a group, they’ll no longer be able to see the study.

Please be aware that if a participant has already started taking your study, and you remove them from the the participant group, they will still be able to complete the study. If they complete the study, you will need to approve their submission and pay them for their time. Check out our full guidance on reviewing submissions here: Approvals, rejections & returns.

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