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Tips for the visual design of your survey

We present three basic design tips to make your survey look great

Did you know that visual design may influence your participants’ responses? Regardless of the tool you use to create the study you launch on Prolific, there are some basic design tips that you should follow in order to keep your participants’ motivation high throughout the study. 

First, make sure that the goal of your study matches the design. Bright colours may be suitable for a study about creativity, but probably not if you are asking about alcohol consumption. 

Second, ensure that your questions and instructions are visually easy to read. For example, you could use a sans-serif font like Arial, which is easy to read. However, if your participants are supposed to read a longer text, you should choose a serif font. Regarding the choice of colour, make sure you always maximise the contrast between the text and your background to enable easy reading. 

Third, we recommend you have a progress bar! This is especially important for longer or monotonous studies. The progress bar can be in percent or give the exact amount of remaining questions. Don’t make the pages of your questionnaire too long, but at the same time, try to group questions about the same topic together. 


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