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Publishing your study

This is step seven in our step-by-step guide to setting up a study on Prolific.

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Publishing your study

When you're ready to launch your study you can select 'publish'! This will launch a pop-up that asks you to confirm the title, URL, number of submissions, prescreening applied and the total cost.

Please ensure that you check these details carefully


Finally, you'll be asked to read and agree to our study 'final checks'. Please carefully read through all of the points listed and only tick the box when you are confident that your study meets these guidelines.


Please note

You cannot change most details of your study after it is published, however for most studies it is possible to increase the number of available places after publishing. Please see Can I change any details of my study after it is published? for more details.

Don't forget that you'll need to ensure you’ve added enough money to you workspace to cover the study costs in advance of publishing.

Once your study is published, eligible participants will be notified via email, and from their Prolific Studies page, that they can participate in your study. When the study is complete, please review all participants' submissions promptly to pay them your study reward.

Schedule publish

The 'schedule publish' feature allows you to schedule your study to publish at a later time or date.

To begin, select 'schedule publish' next to the 'publish now' button.


Next, select a date, time and timezone for when you would like your study to be published.


After clicking 'next', the publish confirmation screen will now display your chosen date, time and timezone. As when publishing a study that has not been scheduled, you should read the points listed and select 'publish' when you are confident that your study meets these guidelines.

Your study is now queued to be published at your chosen date and time, with a status of 'scheduled'.


You can adjust, cancel or publish your study immediately at any time before your scheduled publish time by selecting the relevant option from the Action dropdown menu.



You've published your study on Prolific! Enjoy watching the data roll in.

If you need a helping hand, feel free to reach out to our friendly Support Team using the link below.

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