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How long will it take for participants to start completing my study?

The time taken for places to start filling on a study can vary as this is influenced by multiple factors. For example, the time of day and number of eligible participants can affect how quickly study places are filled. You can see information about when our participants are most active here: When are Prolific participants most active?

Most studies start to recruit participants very quickly. We cannot guarantee an exact timeframe for this, however if you have any concerns or your study has not started to recruit participants after an hour then please feel free to contact us using the button below. 

Please note that studies published at the same time as one another may recruit participants at different rates. Also, even if a study is a duplicate of another it will not necessarily recruit participants within the same timeframe as the previous version.

At the moment we are unable to support time-sensitive studies and these would be run at the researchers' own risk. 

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