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You can find all financial documents for your workspace under the 'Finance' section on the left hand side of your workspace, and click on 'Invoices'.


All documents will display the details you have entered into your workspace name and office address.

Here you will find any invoices you have requested for payment, invoices from money added and any credit notes/receipts for any refunds

Invoices from money added

When you add money to your workspace using a debit / credit card, or via bank transferyou'll receive an itemized invoice which will detail the purchase you’ve made in terms of participant payments and service fees.  This will be available from your workspace Finance page under Invoices. 

Please note that these invoices will be for money added and not for individual studies. This is because the funds you add to your workspace could be used to pay for several studies. Please see study receipts for how to generate a receipt for an individual study. We find that these receipts are sufficient in most cases. If you require an invoice for each study then we recommend making a separate top up for the amount of each study separately prior to publishing.

Creating an invoice in advance of adding money

You can generate an invoice by logging in to Prolific and navigating to the Finance page for the relevant workspace.

Please make sure you are in the correct workspace first! You can read more about navigating between workspaces here.
  1. Select ‘Request an invoice’ in the Invoices section in the menu on the left hand side.Screenshot_2023-03-23_at_14.42.10.png

  2. Here, you can specify the amount you wish to be invoiced for (in your account currency). There is also space to add a purchase order number, if applicable. All documents will display the legal name and address of the workspace.


  3. Once you’ve clicked ‘confirm’, the invoice will be available in the workspace and will be sent to the email address linked to your Prolific account. The invoice can then be paid by credit/debit card within Prolific, via bank transfer, and can be forwarded to your institution as required. Any invoice you create will be valid for 45 days, please see more about this below.

Invoice statuses

There are four possible invoice statuses, which you can keep track of under ‘Invoices’ on your Finance page:

  • An invoice that has been paid is marked as Paid
  • An invoice that has been requested but not yet paid is marked as Pending
  • An invoice which has been voided is marked as Void
  • A credit note for a voided invoice is marked as Refunded


Any invoice you create will be valid for 45 days. After this point, the invoice will be voided and you will need to create a new invoice for the payment if you still need to add money. Please do not try to pay the voided invoice as the payment will not be accepted.

When an invoice is voided, a credit note is created which shows that the balance on the invoice is no longer due:


This credit note will be added to the voided invoice, and is also available on its own under the ‘Refunded’ status.

Can I get an invoice in a currency other than GBP/USD?

Prolific is currently available in GBP and USD for researchers. Invoices will be generated in your workspace currency.

If you require an invoice in a different currency to your workspace currency prior to adding money please get in touch via the contact button below. We can provide invoices in GBP, USD, EUR and AUD. You'll need to let us know:

  • the desired currency
  • the amount to be invoiced
  • the billing address
  • the name of the person to be listed on the invoice

Please note that your workspace will be topped up in GBP / USD to the equivalent value of the payment made in your chosen currency.

I need further help

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