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Study receipts

You can download a summary receipt of the costs of individual studies. This can be done while the study is in progress or after it is completed.

The basic summary will show you the bulk amount paid to participants, along with the commission that we have taken (plus VAT, if applicable). The detailed summary additionally breaks down these costs to individual participant IDs, showing the amounts paid to each participant.


If you download this summary before the study is completed it will contain the cost breakdown based on the details you entered when you set the study up. The summary will also say that the study is 'unpaid'.

If you download this summary after all submissions have been reviewed and the study is completed, it will contain the final cost breakdown and the exact costs of the study. The summary will then say that the study is 'paid in full'.

If you require any further assistance in relation to billing, please feel free to contact us via the button below.

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