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You can generate a quote for any study you create on Prolific, broken down into participant rewards + service fees+ VAT (if applicable).

Please note that quotes are merely intended as estimates of your final study cost, and do not constitute an agreement to pay a specific amount. There are some situations where your final study cost may be higher than the quoted amount, for example:

  • Your study becomes underpaying and you are asked to make adjustment payments
  • You decide to manually approve submissions which are returned or timed out, meaning you approve more participants than initially planned
  • You decide to award bonus payments for any reason. Bonus payments are not covered in the initial quoted cost.

Quick quote

You can use our pricing calculator to check how much your study will cost based on the number of participants you need, the estimated completion time of the study, and how much you wish to pay each participant.

Study-specific quote

Once you have signed up for a researcher account with Prolific, you can set up a draft study and request a quote for this. This is ideal if you need a quote document that contains details of your study. 

  1. Navigate to the relevant workspace and project which you want to create your study in. Studies cannot be moved between workspaces or projects after creation, so make sure you’re in the correct one before proceeding.

  2. Once you’re in the correct workspace and project, select 'new study'.

  3. Fill in the relevant details in the study creation form.
    You will need to complete all required sections, however please note that only the details in the 'study cost' section need to be exact for the study quote to be accurate. The exception to this is if you are looking to recruit a representative sample. In this case, the representative sample option will also need to be selected in the 'audience' section.
    You can always come back and edit this study draft to add further details, such as amending the study title, description, URL and any prescreening options.

  4. Save your study as a draft.

  5. Navigate to the action menu of your study and select 'download quote'.

A more detailed overview of the study set up page can be found here: Setting up a study on Prolific.

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