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In workspaces, studies are created and managed within projects. You can use projects to group your studies by theme, thesis, team or anything else you may find useful. Each workspace can have as many projects as you would like, however projects cannot be deleted.

Projects have no relation to any other project in the same workspace - each project can be thought of as an independent set of studies. Because of this, screeners like ‘Include Approved Participants from Previous Studies’ and 'Exclude Participants from Previous Studies' can only use studies within the same project. If you want to include/exclude a study from a different project, you can move the study across projects or use an Allowlist/Blocklist.

Navigating Projects

To view all projects in a workspace, click the 'Projects’ tab in the left sidebar of your workspace.


Then, select the name of the project you would like to view.

Once you’re inside a project, you can view existing studies and create new studies within it.


Adding a project

You can add a new project on the Projects page by clicking the ‘New project’ button.


A popup box will appear for you to give your new project a name. We recommend choosing a unique, identifiable name to make it easy to locate your projects.


When you have entered a name for your project click ‘Create Project’. The project will then appear within the workspace ready to be used.

Renaming a project

You can easily change a project’s name at any time.

To do this, open the project you want to rename and click the pen icon next to the project’s current name.


Add the new name in the box provided (maximum 18 characters) and select ‘Edit name’ to rename the project.

Moving a study to a different project

You can move a study to a different project within the same workspace.

You can do this from the project folder by locating the relevant study and selecting 'Move' from the 'Action' menu dropdown, as pictured below:

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