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Team roles

There are two roles available in workspaces: admins and collaborators

Both collaborators and admins are able to:

    • Add money and request a refund
    • Create, edit and publish studies
    • Create and rename projects

Admins can also:

    • Invite new members
    • Manage the roles of existing members

Viewing your team members and invites

You can view your workspace’s members using the Team page.

To open the Team page, click the 'Team’ tab on the left sidebar in your workspace.


Here you can view all members of a workspace and any pending invitations. Teammates who have not yet joined the workspace are shown as ‘Invited’ under the ‘Status’ column.


Invite new team members (admin members only)

Our rule of thumb

Remember all team members have full financial access to the workspace. 

To invite a new teammate to a workspace you will need their email address. If your teammate is already using Prolific, please ask them for the email address they use to log in to their Prolific account. If your teammate will be new to Prolific, please use the email address they intend to sign up to Prolific with.

To invite a teammate:

  • Select the ‘Team’ tab in the left sidebar to open the Team page
  • Click ‘Add teammates’
  • On the popup, the role for your new teammate will be automatically selected as 'collaborator'. Please change this to 'admin' using the dropdown if required. 
  • Enter your teammate’s email address in the popup (see below) and select ‘Send email invite’
    • You can invite up to 10 accounts to your workspace at a time by listing their email addresses separated by commas


Your teammate(s) will then receive an email with a link to join your workspace. If they haven’t previously signed up to use Prolific they can register for an account. In order to join the workspace, they should do this using the same email address the invite was sent to.



Once you’ve sent an invite to a teammate, they will appear as ‘invited’ on the workspace’s Team page. There will also be a direct invite link here next to the teammate’s name and email which you can copy and send to your colleague in a personalised message should you wish to. Select ‘copy invite link’ to do so.

Invites are valid for 30 days. If your teammate has not accepted your invitation after this period, they will disappear from your workspace and their contact details will be removed from our system. If you want to re-invite your teammate you can repeat this process.

Manage team members (admin members only)

Admin members can manage the permissions of other members in a workspace.

To change a teammate's role or remove them from the workspace:

  • Select the ‘Team’ tab in the left sidebar to open the Team page
  • Click on the dropdown next to the teammate's role
  • On the popup, select the new role you want to assign or 'remove' to remove this teammate's access to the workspace. 
  • If you choose to remove a teammate, you will see a pop-up window asking you to confirm you'd like to remove this teammate.


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