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Workspace office address

Each workspace on Prolific has a name and office address. This is the institution or individual who is funding the workspace.

If your workspace doesn’t have these details, you’ll see a prompt to add them before you can add money to your account. The name and office address will show on all documents generated from the workspace.

Adding your workspace name and office address

Before adding details, check you are in the correct workspace. Read more about how to change between workspaces here

To add these details to your workspace:

  • Select the ‘Workspace Settings’ tab in the left sidebar
  • Under the ‘Organisation’ header, select the ‘Add’ button to add a name and office address.
  • You should add the name and address of the institution/individual who will be funding your workspace in the popup window and select ‘save address’.

    image (3).png

Please ensure that you enter the name and office address of the workspace correctly before you start using the workspace. Once you have added funds to a workspace, you will not be able to change these details.


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