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Can I run studies simultaneously?

Whilst you can publish as many studies at the same time as your balance allows, we’d often recommend publishing your studies one after another. This is because if you publish two or more studies at the same time, they may recruit the same participants across your studies - which may impact your research!

Once your first study is completed, you can use our ‘Exclude participants from previous studies’ prescreener on the next studies. This will ensure that only new participants are able to access the new study.

If you’re recruiting mutually exclusive demographic groups, then this won’t be an issue. For example, if one study is only recruiting UK residents and the other only US residents, this means we will show each study to a unique group of participants, and you can publish them simultaneously without the participants overlapping.

However, if your design needs studies published at exactly the same time, we’d recommend exploring our community forum for ways to set this up within your external survey software. Essentially, you’d run one study on Prolific and split participants into different conditions via your survey.

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