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Custom completion codes

Completion codes just got smarter! It is now possible to generate multiple completion codes, unique to your study, to help process submissions faster.

In your study set up, generate completion codes for participants who:

  • complete your survey successfully
  • fail attention checks,
  • warrant a specific bonus payment,
  • match a specific criteria that you want to identify,
  • Or to identify participants based on logic which can be programmatically built in your survey tool

Custom completion codes.png

You can generate as many completion codes as you need and specify what their meaning is. Head to your external survey software next and set up the relevant codes as a redirect link based on your survey logic. If you need some help, our integration guides have specific instructions for the most common survey software.

In your Prolific study set up, you can also specify automated actions based on completion code if you wish to e.g. approve, reject, pay bonus payment, making your job much easier and faster when it comes to submission management.

Once all submissions have been received, you can easily filter participants by completion code to process those submission manually if you wish to, but also create custom lists which can be easily retrieved for your next study from.

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