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Account approval and verification

We've recently updated the security around Prolific researcher accounts. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get set up quickly on Prolific and start collecting data!

Please see below for guidance on the new steps.

Account approval

If possible, please sign up with your institution's email address. This will mean that if your institution has previously used Prolific, your account should be automatically approved. If your institution is new to Prolific, we’ll review your account as soon as possible.

When using a non-institutional email address (e.g., we’ll need to manually approve your account. To help us to do this, please get in touch with our Support Team using the button at the bottom of the page. Please then let our support team know the following information:

  • What institution are you with (if any)?
  • What type of studies do you want to run?
  • What is the aim of your research?

We’ll then get back to you to help you get set up on Prolific and start collecting data!

Verifying your email address

Importantly, this also needs to be completed before you can add money to your Workspace balance and publish your first study.

To verify your email address, please go to your account settings, and then the ‘General’ tab. This can be found by clicking your initials at the top right of the screen. If your email address is already verified, you’ll see the following:

If your email address hasn’t been verified yet, you’ll instead see an option to select ‘Verify Email’. Please click on this. You’ll then receive an email that will explain the steps you need to take.

Once both steps - approving your account and verifying your email - are completed, you’ll be able to add money to your Workspace balance and publish your first study!

Get in touch

If you need to contact our Support Team, you can do so using the button below.

 Click here to contact us

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